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In ancient times, Satyr was the horned and horny messenger of Eleusinian forest god Dionysos. He mesmerized the youth of nearby villages with the musical magic of his flute and made them dance till broad daylight. In our common present, the spirit of Satyr inhabits the body of a human boy. Searching for a new way to spread the vibe of the forest, Satyr switched to SL and CDJ instruments, which fit the job quite nicely.

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... Serendipity?

... Serendipity?

April 16, 1943 - Whilst quite a large part of the world was tearing itself into smaller pieces - once again, for the sake of power, by the rule of greed - a fungus of certain infamy, felt her offspring had been shunned long enough after being born, five years earlier, in 1938. She sent her child back to communicate with the doctor, who had been there in the delivery room, at Sandoz Laboratories in Switzerland, when and where her baby first saw light on Earth.

Their initial contact, then and there in the lab, left the doctor feeling confused to such a degree, that he could not focus on or continue with his work. He returned to his home and, after regaining a relaxed state of mind, became moderately hypnotized by the visual aspects of the lingering transmission, which mesmerized him for a couple of hours.

When his ego resumed consciousness control behind the dashboard of his mind, the doctor, who had in fact a background in chemical sciences, thought he had actually enjoyed quite a pleasant experience, due to a certain unsolicited intoxication. He gathered he must have unknowingly ingested a minute amount of the substance he was reinvestigating that day.

From the human perspective of a materialist individual, this particular substance, the offspring of said infamous fungus, would soon become a renowned tool -the most powerful of its kind to date- to explore the inner realms of the Terran psyche. Some consider it to be a spiritual antiseptic, others may even refer to it as an evolutionary counterweight to balance the creation of the device of destruction, which was born in the same era, on the warfaring side of the globe. The Universe seems to have peculiar ways to equilibrate itself, indeed.

The doctor was Albert Hofmann. The fungus' name is Ergot,
or rather Mother of Rye. Her child is called LSD.

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April 19, 1943 - Not completely content with the result of their first encounter, as her child had not spoken loud or clear enough to be fully understood by the chemist and therefore did not receive the essential attention it deserved, Mother of Rye arranged for a second meeting, three days later.

The echo of her voice presented Dr Hofmann with the decision to self-prescribe a small dose of LSD, in order to enable the two to make closer acquaintance. Easily convinced by the vivid memory of his recent pleasance, the scientist reasoned that by repeating the experiment, it would be establissed with more certainty whether or not the serendipitous encounter with his research chemical had been completely accidental.

The dosis -250 micrograms, in retrofact- turned out not to be as small as Hofmann had expected it to be. Little did he know about the friendly onslaught of chaos at his fingertips, screaming in eager silence. Yet as soon as he felt inebriated by the initial effects, he laid down his work and asked his assistant to accompany him on his bikeride home, as he felt it was unsafe to head out on the road by himself. Moments later, whilst looking over his shoulder, he could see Mother of Rye, fading into the distance, waving with a wide smile, as she knew she had accomplished her Great Work.

The trip that followed is historical and its effects resonate throughout time, far beyond our common present. This date, April 19, has become known around the globe as Bicycle Day. That means, here and now: three days to gear up. Serendipity awaits.

- Satyr Barbarossa © 2014, April 16, Earth

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? what is Satyr

! in ancient times, Satyr roamed the Eleusinian forests as the horned and horny messenger of Dionysos - the god of ritual intoxication. He mesmerized the youth of nearby villages with the musical magic of his flute, and made them dance till broad daylight.

? where is Satyr

! in our recent past, Satyr reincarnated in the concrete jungle of Amsterdam as a DJ. At age ten, he recorded his first mix, displaying his love for early hip hop and electro, and soon his tapes were in high demand. After the Second Summer Of Love, he got turned on by new dimensions of synthetic sound and ventured into the realms of acid-house, techno and trance music.

? does he still play flute

! the Panflute has become an artefact in captivity, held safe and sound in the archeological archive of the Vatican. Yet, ever since the early 1990s, up and until our common present, Satyr became increasingly skilled as a player of the SL & CDJ instruments, spinning various styles of eclectronica and edm alike, embracing a wide range of the bpm spectrum with remarkable sparkle.

Difficult to pigeonhole yet sharply focused on and specialized in ambidelic chillout, psytrance, tech trance, uptech and several kinds of steps; entertaining events for 50 to 50.000 people, by serving his spicy melange of clean cuts and dirty grooves, mixing it down and grinding it up from raw to smooth.

A few memorable events ecstasized by Satyr:
Amsterdam Dance Event (NL), Atmosphere (Berlin / D), Ballonnenfeest (NL), Burning Man (USA), Carnival (Varginha / Brazil), Club A (Sao Paulo / Brazil), Dance Valley (NL), Love & Magic (Oslo / Norway), Metsafestiwaal (Finland), Pi Club (Berlin / D), Q-Base (D), Senseblender fest (B), Universo Paralello (Bahia / Brazil), VooV Experience (D), and many more in Belgium, Brazil, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Lithuania, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, USA & all over The Netherlands.*

* a detailed gigographic list will be added later

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