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In ancient times, Satyr was the horned and horny messenger of Eleusinian forest god Dionysos. He mesmerized the youth of nearby villages with the musical magic of his flute and made them dance till broad daylight. In our common present, the spirit of Satyr inhabits the body of a human boy. Searching for a new way to spread the vibe of the forest, Satyr switched to SL and CDJ instruments, which fit the job quite nicely.

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Where Does Live The Metaprogrammer?

Net of Being, a painting by Alex Grey -


Where does live
The Metaprogrammer


close all eyes but one
experience samadhi
think and it is gone


inspired by this sketch of a painting by Alex Grey,
a reminder of a state of samadhi *
spontaneously experienced
whilst travelling
through Brasil
in 2004 A.O.

* Terran Archives 2803: samadhi was the Hindustani name for the opening and imprinting of the sixth (metaprogramming) circuit in the frontal lobes of the post-primate brain. Most of those who achieved it before the HEAD Revolution were just as bewildered as Crane and could say only that the experience was "ineffable."

Indeed, and yet, even in claiming ineffability, none of our tongues seems to speak enough volumes to describe the circumference of the indescribulous nature, the unscrabbable character of said unsaid experience. Perhaps the Japanese concept mushin, which describes a state of no mind, the mind of all states, comes close to encompassing the center of this so-called one-pointedness of the mind. Per haps, perhaps.

But no mind nor matter how we may persist in attempting to (un)name it, to what extent we may tend to bend our linguistic aesthatistics in order to speak the unspeakable, ... it seems lost mikely that:
tat tvam asi - thou art it.

In Lak'ech - I exist as Another You.


∙ originally launched into blogular orbit in 2009
∙ painting, Net of Being, created by Alex Grey
∙ image source: the Tool site,
Terran Archives footnote quote sampled from
Robert Anton Wilson's Schrödinger's Cat Trilogy,
which features a character called Hugh Crane;
visit andoror open that page
in that book, found right (t)here:
∙ more on the 8 Circuit model:


.: namaskaramba :.

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freakuently unanswered questions

? what is Satyr

! in ancient times, Satyr roamed the Eleusinian forests as the horned and horny messenger of Dionysos - the god of ritual intoxication. He mesmerized the youth of nearby villages with the musical magic of his flute, and made them dance till broad daylight.

? where is Satyr

! in our recent past, Satyr reincarnated in the concrete jungle of Amsterdam as a DJ. At age ten, he recorded his first mix, displaying his love for early hip hop and electro, and soon his tapes were in high demand. After the Second Summer Of Love, he got turned on by new dimensions of synthetic sound and ventured into the realms of acid-house, techno and trance music.

? does he still play flute

! the Panflute has become an artefact in captivity, held safe and sound in the archeological archive of the Vatican. Yet, ever since the early 1990s, up and until our common present, Satyr became increasingly skilled as a player of the SL & CDJ instruments, spinning various styles of eclectronica and edm alike, embracing a wide range of the bpm spectrum with remarkable sparkle.

Difficult to pigeonhole yet sharply focused on and specialized in ambidelic chillout, psytrance, tech trance, uptech and several kinds of steps; entertaining events for 50 to 50.000 people, by serving his spicy melange of clean cuts and dirty grooves, mixing it down and grinding it up from raw to smooth.

A few memorable events ecstasized by Satyr:
Amsterdam Dance Event (NL), Atmosphere (Berlin / D), Ballonnenfeest (NL), Burning Man (USA), Carnival (Varginha / Brazil), Club A (Sao Paulo / Brazil), Dance Valley (NL), Love & Magic (Oslo / Norway), Metsafestiwaal (Finland), Pi Club (Berlin / D), Q-Base (D), Senseblender fest (B), Universo Paralello (Bahia / Brazil), VooV Experience (D), and many more in Belgium, Brazil, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Lithuania, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, USA & all over The Netherlands.*

* a detailed gigographic list will be added later

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