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In ancient times, Satyr was the horned and horny messenger of Eleusinian forest god Dionysos. He mesmerized the youth of nearby villages with the musical magic of his flute and made them dance till broad daylight. In our common present, the spirit of Satyr inhabits the body of a human boy. Searching for a new way to spread the vibe of the forest, Satyr switched to SL and CDJ instruments, which fit the job quite nicely.

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Hic Nunc, Templum Nostrum Temporis

Manual Evasão LX94 / Manual of Evasion LX94

A movie about Time? About time, it seems in deed! More than a movie: a cine-cosmopolitan feature. Even more so: about the Nature of Time, the persistent Arrow of Time, the illusive Short-Time Mob and the infamous Timewave Theory, to articulart more specifictionally without (f)actually trying to overdo it, apart from simply doing it. A week, a day and an hour after the Day out of Time, the timing sure feels timely. Time to enter the Here-Now, our Temple of Time.
Time to enter LX94.

· fantasized / realized / directed by:
Edgar Pera (Portugal, 1994)

· featuring nonother than the likes of the following non-authoritarian authors, and their boundless, boundary dissolving, scientific unlikes:
Terence McKenna, Rudy Rucker and Robert Anton Wilson

· a few fnord excerpted samples:

TMK: Higher animals, such as ourselves, with a regular heartbeat and regular breathing, are not aware that we are surrounded by many many kinds of time happening simultaneously. (...) There are six, seven billion people on this planet, experiencing different fates. (...) People are living in different times and living at different scales of time. Some people have a 1994 mind, some people have a 1955 mind, some people are living in the nineteenth century. (...lunch-trip-break...) The entire history of the Universe has led to this momentous occurrence, and human beings and the cultures of the late twentieth century are to be the birthing mechanism for a new order of space and time, that will emerge very, very suddenly.

Science gives us the Big Bang.
I give you the Big Surprise.

- Terence McKenna, at 1m49s & 35m36s

RAW: The Short-Time Mob, that's responsible. They are the most dangerous of the extra-terrestrial invaders on this planet, right now, they're always stealing time. The only way to evade them is to remain in a state of continuous attention and astonishment about everything. If you don't pay attention they move in and take over your whole life. You get up, you write a letter, you go to the post office, you post it, you find it's four in the afternoon. What happened? The Short-Time Mob stole most of your time.*

- Robert Anton Wilson, at 8m26s

RR: Chaos is not the same as disorder.** Pure disorder has no structure. High temperatures, high speeds of time. You can't keep track, nothing makes sense. (...wind...) The good times go fast, the bad times go slow. You can reverse it, in certain ways. Smoking certain kinds of cigarettes may make time go slower.

- Rudy Rucker, at 14m38s & 18m23s

TMK: How can we control the rhythm of our time? The techniques are too, my friend. The control of the breath, which controls heartbeat, but more importantly, the use of hallucinogenic plants such as have been discovered in the Amazon by the aboriginees. They understand, you see, that the consciousness of the plants is a different kind of time, a much slower time. So, if we would enter to that sort of time, we must take the plant into our body. It cannot be done any other way. This is the secret of shamanism. Then we enter into the time of the plant mind, the Gaian mind, that moves much more slowly.***

- Terence McKenna, at 19m04s

Taking the plant into our body to enter into the time of the plant mind. Remaining in a state of continuous attention and astonishment. Smoking certain kinds of cigarettes to make time go slower. Well, ... whether or not one may agree with the theories of these three temporal mages and their time-warping practices, it does seem like a sensible idea to touch base with the bottom line of LX94, and avoid boredom, evade routine, enhance novelty and transcend time.

On the other hand, if one may fail to enjoy the cinematic content of this pseudomentary, one may at least employ it to increase one's conversation skills in Portuguese.

Or so mote it seem.

audi vide vola, sine capriola
* Language, Literature And Reality, (link)
Robert Anton Wilson expanding upon the Short Time Mob
** Chaos - Making A New Science, (link)
a short audio version of James Gleick book about Chaos Theory
*** Peyote To LSD - A Psychedelic Oddysey, (link)
a documentary following the path of certain time-dilating plants

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.: embrace the present :.

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freakuently unanswered questions

? what is Satyr

! in ancient times, Satyr roamed the Eleusinian forests as the horned and horny messenger of Dionysos - the god of ritual intoxication. He mesmerized the youth of nearby villages with the musical magic of his flute, and made them dance till broad daylight.

? where is Satyr

! in our recent past, Satyr reincarnated in the concrete jungle of Amsterdam as a DJ. At age ten, he recorded his first mix, displaying his love for early hip hop and electro, and soon his tapes were in high demand. After the Second Summer Of Love, he got turned on by new dimensions of synthetic sound and ventured into the realms of acid-house, techno and trance music.

? does he still play flute

! the Panflute has become an artefact in captivity, held safe and sound in the archeological archive of the Vatican. Yet, ever since the early 1990s, up and until our common present, Satyr became increasingly skilled as a player of the SL & CDJ instruments, spinning various styles of eclectronica and edm alike, embracing a wide range of the bpm spectrum with remarkable sparkle.

Difficult to pigeonhole yet sharply focused on and specialized in ambidelic chillout, psytrance, tech trance, uptech and several kinds of steps; entertaining events for 50 to 50.000 people, by serving his spicy melange of clean cuts and dirty grooves, mixing it down and grinding it up from raw to smooth.

A few memorable events ecstasized by Satyr:
Amsterdam Dance Event (NL), Atmosphere (Berlin / D), Ballonnenfeest (NL), Burning Man (USA), Carnival (Varginha / Brazil), Club A (Sao Paulo / Brazil), Dance Valley (NL), Love & Magic (Oslo / Norway), Metsafestiwaal (Finland), Pi Club (Berlin / D), Q-Base (D), Senseblender fest (B), Universo Paralello (Bahia / Brazil), VooV Experience (D), and many more in Belgium, Brazil, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Lithuania, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, USA & all over The Netherlands.*

* a detailed gigographic list will be added later

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